Artifact Hunter: The Lost Prophecy

Help Jason find valuable artifacts, save his father, and find the ultimate secret of the world!

The Legend of Eratus: Dragonlord

Help Aurora and Eratus in their fight to overthrow the tyrant and restore peace to the land.

Dragonscales 5: The Frozen Tomb

Zarya resumes her journey to the Frozen Tomb. She will face new puzzles and battles to become a master warrior!

The Chronicles of Hercules: The 12 Labours

One of the most famous heroes of mythology is Hercules, the demi-god son of Zeus who performs impossible tasks and slays unstoppable beasts. Now his legend comes to life in a new story, reworked to bring a new twist to the popular tale.

Murder by Moonlight: Call of the Wolf

Help Carol find all clues and evidence to solve a dark mystery to find her missing husband!

The Enthralling Realms: The Fairy's Quest

Join Ellia’s adventure to find Asthral Cystal an save Timothy wrapped with fantasy and magic in The Enthralling Realms - The Fairy's Quest.

Queen's Garden: Sakura Season

It's halloween Sakura Season in Japan and the Queen decided to celebrate! Help the Queen Ayame and the loyal minister Haruo to decorate this exotic japanese garden in this unique match-3 game!

Amanda's Magic Book 2

Join Amanda to find the prince, seek out each of the five items, and restore the world of the book along the way!

Academy of Magic: The Great Dark Wizard's Curse

Join Dennis to breaking the curse and save the school in Academy of Magic – The Great Dark Wizard’s Curse.

The Chronicles of Joseph of Egypt

Relive the classic story of faith, family, and forgiveness in The Chronicles of Joseph of Egypt.

Match-3 Games from Alawar

Match-3 is entertainment based on the removal of identical objects from the playing field. Each game of this genre has a unique plot. But in all of them, participants will have to play making chains of the similar items and scoring points. To achieve high results in Alawar bubble shooter, gamer needs to apply dexterity and logic.

What is the use of such games?

Free match-3 games captivate both children and adults. These entertainments bring peace for a child after active leisure, and help adults not only to relax after a busy day, but, on the contrary, to set themselves for work.

Alawar match-3 games develop logical and spatial thinking, reaction rate, patience, perseverance and mindfulness. Thus, games in this section contribute to harmonious development of child’s personality.

It is noteworthy that the development of positive traits is performed unobtrusively, so the kid does not suffer mental strain and other inconveniences.

To play match-3 games means to have fun and use your time profitable.

Dо you know?

The game developer of match-3 was the Russian programmer Yevgeny Alemzhin. He released the game in 1994 for the DOS operating system. Later, based on this entertainment, the “three in a row” or Match-3 genre was created.

Our site presents various free applications that popularize this genre. You can play without registration, clearing the field not only from bubbles, but also from marine inhabitants, magic objects or stone blocks. Choose the appropriate option for yourself and download it to your PC.