Queen's Garden: Sakura Season

It's halloween Sakura Season in Japan and the Queen decided to celebrate! Help the Queen Ayame and the loyal minister Haruo to decorate this exotic japanese garden in this unique match-3 game!

Travel to USA

After an exciting visit to Europe, the Hudson family is back home. But Jennifer met a new friend on the plane, and Mark invited the family to join him on a trip around the entire United States. Are you ready to join Mark and the Hudson's on their new adventure?

Paranormal Stories

Joining Ester’s journey to solve 5 paranormal cases of haunted mansions in Paranormal Stories!

Inbetween Land

One day the life of some ordinary city was interrupted by appearance of the flying island, which turned out to be the abandoned homeplace of extraterrestrial civilization. Soon everybody got used to it, and island became the central attraction for tourists and looters.

Magic Farm 3: The Ice Danger

Magic Farm 3: Ice Danger is a farming simulator game, with a simple-RPG system and quests. Take care of your farms and customize them as you see fit. Explore the magic world, solve quests, meet people and trade for the rare goods.

Amanda's Magic Book 2

Join Amanda to find the prince, seek out each of the five items, and restore the world of the book along the way!

Faircroft's Antiques: Treasures of Treffenburg. Collector's Edition

Join Antiquities expert Mia Faircroft as she uncovers the secrets of the Treffenburg Crown Jewels in this exciting Hidden Object game.

Summer Rush

You are a FBI agent and will be working undercover. It will be your job as an owner of the beach. Your goal is to do everything to catch a criminal. You are awaited by interesting tasks, colourful levels and mini games.

Academy of Magic: The Great Dark Wizard's Curse

Join Dennis to breaking the curse and save the school in Academy of Magic – The Great Dark Wizard’s Curse.

Claire's Cruisin' Café

Guide an aspiring super chef named Claire as she sets off on a cross-country journey to feed the famished masses from her gourmet food truck! Packed with lively characters, addictive gameplay and tons of bonus materials, Claire's Cruisin' Cafe will satisfy your craving for fun even as it leaves you hungry for more!