Natural Threat 2

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Natural Threat 2 screenshots

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Today is a special day for your daughter, Lily. It's her birthday, and you have baked a beautiful cake for her party. However, the day soon turns dark as an evil lurking under the streets is unleashed! Giant mutated plants spring up across the city, wreaking havoc and devouring the population. Lily and her father are missing, and you must venture out on an epic adventure to rescue them both! Prepare for exciting hidden object sequences, challenging mini-games, and a riveting story of heroism and survival! It's time to save the day in Natural Threat 2!

The city is being evacuated. Everyone is leaving...except you. Your journey is taking you down the opposite path, deeper into the city where the mayhem is all around. Use your wits to solve challenging puzzles and advance closer and closer to the ultimate truth. You must be brave, as Lily and her dad are counting on you. Do you have what it takes to be the hero and save her from the wickedness circling you? The time to prove it is now...