Mahjong Secrets

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The royal family is hiding a very strange secret, even from their very own daughter. One day as the King and Queen leave the premises, the princess goes into a forbidden room in the castle. What she finds will forever change her life! She has a sister that she never even knew existed! Play thrilling games of mahjong, find hidden objects, and get to the truth in Mahjong Secrets!

With over 100 mahjong layouts, tons of hidden objects and clues, the mystery is going to be a tough one to solve! There is plenty of adventures to take before it is all revealed! Not only do you get the wonderful mahjong experience, but there are tons of mini-games to play along the way as well. Get ready for a gripping tale laced with addicting gameplay that will have you glued to your seat until the very end!

Download game

Size: 127.67 MB

Full version features:

  • 100+ challenging mahjong layouts
  • Bright, beautiful hidden object scenes
  • Fun quests and mini-games
  • Reveal the royal mysteries with Mahjong Secrets!