Ant War

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Have you ever wanted to build an ant farm, but you were worried the creeping critters might get loose in your home? Now you can enjoy all the pleasures of running an ant colony without the risks. Ant War is a casual strategy game in which you build an ant farm as fast as possible using the right combination of resources.

After choosing one of five different breeds of ants, you begin building a colony in one of 18 unique locations. Ladybugs, frogs and other enemies will keep you on your toes as you deal with thunderstorms, picnics and other random events. If you can survive the playground bully and his magnifying glass, then you might find yourself on television or even send your hometown into a panic! When the going gets tough, you can visit Grandma Ant for advice and purchase specials items from the Store to supercharge your colony. Ant War —- it beats doing the dishes!

Download game

Size: 11.81 MB

Full version features:

  • Over 60 enemies to battle
  • 18 locations in which to build your nest
  • Five different ant breeds to nurture
  • Thousands of random events
  • Unlimited game time
  • Free upgrades to newer versions
  • Full technical support