Druid Kingdom

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Journey across a broken kingdom with the newly appointed young king Jack. The path set before you will guide you through the land in search of the Staff of the High Druid. The king must restore broken buildings, clean up debris, and drive away evil forces throughout his kingdom. This blend of time management, simulation, and strategy gameplay is unique and engaging! Start your journey today in Druid Kingdom!

With a faithful crew of servants working for you, the cleanup and restoration will surely be a breeze! As you play and clear areas, you will earn crystals that can be spent on powerful abilities that will enhance your effectiveness greatly! Speed up your workers as they run from task to task, make them clear areas more quickly, and much more! The fairytale setting and beautiful art style will suck you in and the engaging plot will keep you glued to your seat until the very end! Prepare for a wild ride full of whimsical fairytale charm!