Travel Mosaics 5: Waltzing Vienna

“Travel Mosaics” is an absolutely beautiful and brilliant edutainment game for all ages. Join the Walker animal family during their sight-seeing tour to the most outstanding and famous tourist attractions of Vienna. Play the game and learn a lot of curious facts while answering tricky quiz questions and collecting gold coins and souvenirs. Extend your knowledge as you play, too!

Travel Mosaics 4: Adventures in Rio

“Travel Mosaics” is perfect for intrepid armchair travelers who like challenges and want to enjoy their leisure time.

Alicia Quatermain 3: The Mystery of the Flaming Gold. Collector's Edition

Help Alicia find stolen Sword of the Seven Seas, overcome ghosts, explore castles, jungles and other hard-to-reach places!

Magica Travel Agency: Las Vegas

Go on a trip with travel agency «Magica» to Las Vegas. Earn money and build new Las Vegas.

New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters

When the legendary ruler summons Sir John and Mary to complete another quest for him, they reluctantly leave their modern-day ranch and prepare for another sword-swinging, magic-casting adventure. But nothing they have experienced has prepared them for what they will face as they track a strange creature who's on a pressing quest of its own!

Atlantic Quest

Submerge yourself in multifaceted gameplay in a beautiful undersea setting. An oil tanker has capsized on the open seas – and it's sprung a leak. Gallons of oil are gushing out, polluting the ocean and poisoning its inhabitants. But all is not lost – a clever clownfish, a toothy shark, a curious crab with a taste for high explosives and a very versatile squid have teamed up to save their underwater world.

Shopping Clutter: The Best Playground

Help the Walker family to find in the clutter all the necessary equipment to create the perfect children's playground.


SpellKeeper is a unique logic game with dozens of challenging puzzles and beautifully hand-drawn graphics. Take on the role of the Chosen One and save butterflies trapped in magic cocoons. Challenge your brain and free all the butterflies!

Incredible Dracula: The Ice Kingdom

Join Dracula on his most "chilling" adventure yet as he tries to stop the Ice Queen from turning the world into a giant snowball! Using the resources you gather and produce, you'll complete quests for magical creatures, rebuild frozen settlements and race against the clock to earn bonuses and awards! It's the most fun you can have at subzero temperatures!

Save Halloween 2: Travel to Hell

The servants of Lucifer stole the Stone of the Dead and opened the gates of the Hell! You are to fight with Lucifer and restore the Stone of the Dead before rising of the bloody moon! Otherwise, Lucifer will gain power over the world and the dark forces will remain forever in the world of the living.