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Webbies screenshots

Webbies - Screenshot 1
Webbies - Screenshot 2
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Webbies - Screenshot 6
Webbies - Screenshot 7

A grumpy old wizard has concocted a potion to strengthen the web of his friend Alfred the Spider. The wizard sends Alfred to string his web around the cute woodland creature’s favorite snacks. Without your help they will surely starve! Slingshot the food from Alfred’s webs into the waiting mouths of the joyful animals. Save the day in Webbies!

Watch in amazement as the adorable little creatures pop off the screen in amazing HD graphics! The scoring and bonus system will have you replaying levels trying to beat your high score over and over again! Be careful of obstacles as you sling the food to the animals, as it will bust the tiny tasty morsels and leave the animals with a rumbling tummy! Tons of challenging levels await….and the animals can’t do this without you. You are the only hope to save them from the wizard’s evil scheme!