Viking Brothers 6

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If there's one thing the Viking Brothers crave more than roasted meats and ale, it's adventure! And Everand and Boromere are going to get their fill as they join together to save the Tree of Life from the effects of a mysterious poison!

Enter the realm of gods and legends to guide the brothers through worlds both steaming hot and icy cold to discover the source of the scourge. Face fire giants, ghosts and deadly scorpions; race against the clock to rebuild villages and gather supplies; and solve puzzles that will have Everand stroking his massive red beard in contemplation.

Magic will be your ally and your sword your faithful companion as you upgrade your heroes to overcome new challenges, activate powerful boosters to complete levels faster and unlock dozens of achievements on your way to victory.

Save the tree and you'll be treated to an epic bonus adventure and enough Collector's Edition extras to fill a Viking's tankard. Don’t miss this thrilling new adventure starring everyone's favorite Norsemen!

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Size: 272.69 MB

Full version features:

  • A captivating story of adventure
  • Dozens of nail-biting levels
  • Casual and expert modes
  • Fun and addictive mini-games
  • Simple point-and-click controls