Rolling Idols

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Rolling Idols screenshots

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The Mayan gods that represent the six elements are under attack! The evil Nibiru is taking them out one by one, and only you can save them. This exciting match-three game will let you use the power of the elements to complete levels and rebuild the powerful pyramids. Nibiru and his obnoxious appetite must be stopped! Become the savior of the universe in Rolling Idols!

The cast of Mayan elemental gods are charismatic and extremely unique. You must rely on your speed and quick reaction times to complete each level and rebuild the ancient structures one level at a time. The bright colors and addicting gameplay mesh together in a truly must own match-three game. Nibiru has a very large appetite, and if you don’t stop him, he will eat the entire universe! Stop his terror filled rampage and unleash the power of the elements today!