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MouseCraft is a mix of two most famous puzzle games where player’s goal, in each level, is to lead the mice to the cheese by placing different Tetromino blocks in correct places.

The game tells a story of a cat scientist working on his latest project — a mysterious, mice-powered machine. The inventor runs out of money, but as the story progresses, an unexpected funding proposal arises.

Players have to help the cat in completing the machine by activating each part of the device, and by gathering collectibles which will allow the scientist to pay for his experiment.

Solve 80 varying levels by defeating obstacles, using different kinds of Tetromino blocks and managing the mice movement to unravel the secret of the mice-powered machine.

MouseCraft was created by Crunching Koalas — an independent game development studio formed by creators of many games, such as: Ancient Quest Of Saqqarah, Magic Match and Phantasmat.

Download game

Size: 615.95 MB

Full version features:

  • Unforgettable mix of two most famous puzzle games
  • 80 dynamic & varying levels placed in different locations
  • Help Schrödinger in completing his mysterious mice-powered device
  • Countless achievements, stats and rewards to unlock
  • Gather collectibles and defeat obstacles by using various block types
  • Get involved by creating your own maps