Maze Lord

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Maze Lord screenshots

Maze Lord - Screenshot 1
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For ages, the wicked dragon frightens and devastates the vicinity, hiding loots of countless treasures in serpentine mazes of his dungeon. But now the dragon went over the edge having abducted a beautiful princess. Playing the game “Maze Lord” you will need to help a brave hero go through all the stages of an obscure dungeon, win the dragon and set the princess free.

The gist of the game is rather simple – making a definite number of steps you have to get to the door leading to the next stage. Of course, nobody says it will be an easy walk – on the hero’s way there are skeletons, spiders, snakes, bats, evil trees and other lap­dogs of the dragon. You will have to use all your intelligence for figuring out the correct order of using healing potions, keys, shields and other useful artifacts as well as for winning and avoiding monsters while staying alive and without exceeding the fixed number of steps.

The number of new monsters, artifacts, opportunities and obstacles increase with each stage making the game more and more difficult and interesting. Are you ready for a real challenge?

Then play “Maze Lord”!