Jigsaw BOOM

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Jigsaw BOOM screenshots

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Do you love jigsaw puzzles? Then you'll fall to pieces over Jigsaw Boom! Enjoy assembling dazzling Animal, Nature, Art, Transportation and Industrial photographs. Before you begin, you'll be able to modify the shape of the pieces with a click of your mouse, break down the puzzles into a few large pieces or hundreds of little pieces, and choose whether or not you want to have to rotate the pieces once they're scattered across your screen. Image, Ghost and Magnifying Glass tools will help you to put together the toughest puzzles, while hints will give you a helping hand when you're stumped on a piece or two. Improve your skills and you'll be able to earn all of the trophies. Can you secure the coveted Master of Jigsaw designation? Find out when you play Jigsaw Boom!