Alchemy Quest

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Alchemy Quest screenshots

Alchemy Quest - Screenshot 1
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The wizard Calen lives in a remote part of a strange and magical land where he works day and night to improve his magical abilities.

One day he tried to perfect a new recipe for a magical potion. But the day was long and tiring and he was so exhausted that he accidentally mixed the wrong ingredient into the potion. You can guess what happened next: his entire laboratory was destroyed in a huge explosion.

But Calen is a very ambitious wizard—he quickly recovered from the shock and set off on a quest to rebuild his laboratory. His journey in search of new equipment and ingredients will carry him to beautiful, mysterious places. It’s not easy, though: mean little gnomes keep trying to stop him in more than 100 exciting match-3 levels—are you up to the challenge? A lovingly-drawn game that’s fun for young and old alike!